toponderI Believe…

I believe in personal accountability and that there are consequences for our actions, good and bad. If you can’t handle that and teach your children those lessons as well, turn in your membership to adulthood now. I might also suggest you not have any more children since you are obviously still one yourself.

I believe there are certain people that will soothe your soul, but excite the holy heck out of the rest of you. Don’t ever settle for less.

I believe that rainy days are entirely necessary and not simply to provide water.

I believe in love. It is however, not a fairy tale or ever perfect…and will not always have a happy ending, TRUE love between two people meant to find each other does exist. Life will intrude and muck it up at times due to circumstances that happened before you met, love them anyway if they are truly “the one”. It can work out , even if you can’t fathom how at the moment. One thing is certain, you’ll never know if you don’t try. The future is fluid and uncertain. Don’t ever take something rare and special for granted. Never lose a connection with those that matter, even if it’s scary or not what you had planned.

I believe you don’t get unlimited chances at living the life you were meant to have. Even if things don’t work out in the end as you thought they would, you won’t have missed out on your chance at happiness by not taking the road less traveled. You just might be pleasantly is meant to be an adventure, not a spectator sport. Never settle for duty and responsibility over possible happiness, even it’s messy or complicated..recognize the worth and value in chance and struggle. Life changes as we move through it and so do we all. Adjust and realize everything will be okay, whatever the outcome, even if we make changes…the world will keep spinning anyway.

I believe that whomever decides to schedule major road reconstruction during rush hours on the interstate systems, should be tied naked to their resurfacing equipment and commuters should be issued paintball guns for target practice.

I believe that no matter how close you feel to a person online emotionally, it’s not love until you and said person meet, look each other in the eye, talk, laugh and touch. Even then you have to realize some people will not be what you expected. All the more reason it’s very important not to rush…some things are meant to be savored and anticipated. If it’s real, time will enhance things, not degrade them. If you rush into something, be prepared for the possibility of problems you don’t anticipate or failure. It’s also a distinct possibility that you will let someone into your life that could be dangerous or bad for you. There IS no hurry for things that are meant to be.

I believe that as we age, our metabolism should speed UP, not slow down. I mean, give us “mature” people a break, we’ve earned it! We’re already dealing with wrinkles, bad eyes, joints that betray us, etc. The least the grand design could have done is make it possible to eat anything we want and still fit in our pants.

I believe in manners and chivalry. I like having doors opened for me or to have a man lift heavy items and kill bugs, even when I can do it myself. I like being the female..feminists be damned. They did none of us any favors. Men and women are NOT created equally. The sexes are meant to compliment each others weaknesses, not be the same.

I believe if you love someone, tell them…often…even if you think they already know it, say it anyway. At times, shout it from the rooftops or whisper it when it’s unexpected. It’s important.

I believe that it’s essential to be silly now and then. We all need to let ourselves feel like kids again or to just spout nonsense. As adults, we have to deal with stress and serious issues frequently. MAKE time to just be ridiculous without intent.

I believe that anyone that can make you smile and lighten your mood, when you didn’t think you were capable of laughing, is a keeper.

I believe in discretion and not necessarily airing ALL your dirty laundry to anyone with ears or eyes to read it. While it is fine and even necessary so that you won’t go nuts to have a core group of those that support you…those to whom you dish the dirt and gory details to everything that makes you angry or hurts you…try to take the high road in public now and then.

I believe in supporting and respecting the office of the President, no matter who is holding the job at the time. It is a thankless job where you can’t please anyone long I wouldn’t want to subject my private life or family to the scrutiny of. You are free to disagree with their politics, but when you resort to ridiculous name calling or personal attacks on the person themselves holding the office, you’ve crossed a line. Quite frankly it says a lot more about you and your ignorance, than it does about whatever you’re disagreeing with. Intelligent debate is a good thing. Schoolyard bullying is just spectacularly unimpressive.   I personally am having a tough time with this one during the current administration.  I respect the office, while holding fast to my right to vehemently disagree with the policies being enacted right now.

I believe in Patriotism and our country…in standing up for our rights as Americans without worrying about offending everyone in the world.

In the same vein as the comment above, I believe that pride in our country is becoming silenced. It is a crying shame when we are embarrassed to have pride in our own country and be vocal it…much less enforce our own laws that put legal citizens first. If you pay taxes and came into the country the correct, legal way…I’m glad you’re here, welcome. Heck, most American families have enough trouble getting their children a break on college tuition or for that matter getting a driver’s license without 40 forms of ID and those are the people born here. I believe that laws should be followed and things done the right way.

I believe that English should be our National Language and you have to know it to become a citizen or live here. I’d learn your language if I lived in your country.

I believe in flying the Stars and Bars proudly and supporting our military and their families with vigor.

I believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. If we stop believing in things that spark our imagination or in possibilities we can’t see…things that bring out our childhood innocence, enthusiasm or excitement, we might as well be dead.

I believe in letting at least one person in your life, know you inside out. Someone you let know all of your fears, your hopes, your dreams, your shortcomings, your concerns, your opinions…without fear of judgment and with total honesty, no walls in place. It takes courage to strip your soul raw with someone else, to put light on all your secret places, but with the right makes all the difference. If you do not have such a person, don’t give up until you find them, but don’t settle. They, in return…have to open themselves up to you totally as well. It cannot be one-sided.

I believe in learning something new..big or small..each and every day of our lives.

I believe that education is vitally important, but that we are going down the wrong path and are doing great disservice to our young people.  Not everyone is meant to go to college, nor should they.  We need the backbone workers in this country that keep it functioning.  We need to remember our determination to find ways to be a success without depending on others to hand said success to us on a silver platter.  The world has changed as we know it.  The first time the computers all go down, we better have those that know how to survive without an electronic crutch.

I believe that Political Correctness is a crock of horse dooky. Using tact is fine and even desired in most situations. So is learning to ignore what is said and getting over it. Grow a thicker skin and realize that not everyone is going to like or agree with you. For that matter, just grow the heck up.

I believe in the Golden Rule, treat others as you want to be treated. If others do not follow it in regard to your feelings, move on and find those that will without looking back.

I believe that we should freely allow kickball, dodge ball, and Red Rover on playgrounds across America and in schools. We are doing our children no favors by “teaching” them that if life they will never lose, that they should never have their feelings hurt and if you don’t like the game, just quit. That’s not real life and it will slap them in the face someday.

I believe that green M & M’s taste the best.

I believe that saying “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” on the first day of each month (It also has to be the first thing you say) will bring luck for the month.

I believe that at times, pasting a smile on your face, even when you don’t feel like smiling…will lift your mood and possibly someone else’s mood.

I believe in pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and getting a grip. You are allowed a day or two to wallow in self-pity when needed, but after that…it better turn into self-reflection, realistic assessment and in finding a way around whatever obstacle has you down. Quiet time in reflection is fine, constant pity parties are not. No one will ride up on a white horse and rescue you. If they did, they would probably be more like Don Quixote rather than Prince Charming anyway.

I believe in listening to those around you. Take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to really hear what someone else has to say or what they need to say to another human being. Whether it be the clerk at the store, someone on the train, or a family member or friend…at times just be still and lend an ear. Lend an opinion only when asked…sometimes people just need to talk or vent.

I believe that you will at times be a sucky friend and will take more than you give. Your real friends will understand. They will always be there when you are ready to come back or will bug the crap out of you until you come around…as it should be. Then it will be their turn to implode and YOU get to be the good friend.

I believe in living your life to the fullest. It should be messy, not sedate. Full of energy, both good and bad, but not perfect. It should be full of ups and downs and curves..not a flat drive on an interstate (remember, the interstate is probably full of construction delays anyway *grin*). Live to learn and learn to live is very true. Make mistakes, then learn from them and make new ones.

I believe that Hollywood “role models”, male and female…should put on panties (can’t pull up your big girl panties if you’re not wearing any), cover-up, quit procreating and be locked up away from alcohol, drugs and the media until they grow the heck up. We need to quit glamorizing these people to our children or letting the stars continue to believe we care what they think about politics, parenting or pouting beyond their ability to amuse us on screen. (which they “allow” us to make them rich by paying $10 a pop at the theater to sit through some of their drivel, btw…) You can also include a growing list of athletes that are being a total waste of skin and publicity, despite their natural talent to the list. To squander talent by being a weenie is a shame. You apparently cannot indeed make a silk purse out of a sows ear…or make them fixer-uppers by slapping a thin coat of paint on them, it starts to chip away eventually.

I believe we are made up of what we believe and what we stand for in life. If we are afraid to take a stand or to stand out, even occasionally, then we are taking up space and wasting time. Differences made in small ways are still very important. Not everything in life has to be a grand gesture to matter. The song that says “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” is very true.

I believe I’ve earned my wrinkles and wear them like badges of honor. They mean I’ve worried (more than I should have at times), I’ve smiled often..and that I’ve had many opportunities to love well. They mean that I’m alive and living my life.

I believe life goes on, even on the days where we don’t see how it possibly can…and that tomorrow is another chance to make a difference or change what we don’t like.

I believe in laughter over all else.  If you can remember to find the hilarity in situations and share it, you’re going to be fine.