1008abcd0006I’m a Southern female born, raised & still living in Georgia. We’re issued our sassy, flirty, feisty attitudes at birth..right along with our accents.

There are so many labels one can put on themselves if you start to break down your life.  I will only list a few for public consumption, the rest are to be discovered or not as I see fit. 

Discretion is still something to be cherished, even if it is a character trait fast becoming lost in favor of obviousness.  For that matter, character itself seems to be increasingly displaced in today’s society.

Life should never be predictable.




I’m a…

  • A Mom to Several
  • Someone’s Lover
  • Someone’s Daughter
  • Someone’s Sister
  • A true friend to few.. an acquaintance to many
  • Teacher
  • Writer
  • Pain the butt at times
  • Trendsetter and never a follower
  • Avid Observer
  • Active Participant When My Passion is Engaged

That’s the “short list”.  Anything more complex and in depth is shared only with a select few and is ever evolving and changing as life is lived.