Full Moon

On the way home tonight, the feeling in the air was unmistakable. 

The breeze was warm and the sky was filled with a bright full moon speckled with spotty clouds drifting over it..almost obscuring it from view for a few minutes before it would once again illuminate the night sky. 

I’m a totally rational female (telling the CT Yankee to shush, we can’t all be as stoic as you are..and the term “rational female” is NOT an oxymoron!) most of the time, almost too much so on some occasions..to the point of being too serious.  Yet, as the years are passing by, I find that I have opened my mind to more possibilities than those that are easily proven by science or logic.  I’ve come to the conclusion that there are so many things in heaven and earth we will never fully understand the purpose of, but instead we will just have to feel or take on faith as valid life lessons when events happen…with no rhyme or reason or proof provided.

I was brought up with a deep seated faith that to this day is a basic part of who I am.  I have an abiding confidence and take comfort in the knowledge each and every day that a greater power created us all and watches over us..guides us.  Those feelings, that absolute certainty, serves me well as I navigate through any uncertain times in my life or when the world becomes a scary place.

That said, my mind has also expanded to include the possibilities of things…influences in our environment, that affect our lives.  Things that can’t be proven or touched, but are there nonetheless.  Do I live my life based on what my horoscope tells me?  Of course not.  Do I have a healthy curiosity and allow for the possibility that there are many things we do not know or understand the mechanics behind it all in this world that will influence our lives and the events in our lives? Do I choose to investigate all the different nuances that might affect our time on this earth?  Yes I do. 

A man that I respect and adore…and who tends to be more stoically rational than anyone in Connecticut is (which is saying a lot since they don’t tend to be quite as ummmm..animated..as we are down South)…believes in ghosts.  I figure if he can believe in ghosts, then I can allow for the premise that the moon and stars affect our moods and at times the events that occur due to those changes. 

So, with that in mind..tonight’s full moon stuck with me.  The song “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revivial immediately came to mind in conjunction with the current mood in the nation and the events of the past few months.  As a teacher and flight attendant, I will swear..even though there is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove it that I’m aware of..that behavior changes during the time around a full moon.  At school you can feel the extra energy of the kids and the almost manic need to be moving all the time…a lack of concentration occurs.  In the air, the planes and airports are filled with impatient people.  Passengers are more on edge and more likely to be aggressive in both anger and in the way they will pursue the opposite sex.

I’ve been observing the behavior of myself and others around full moons all my life. I’m pretty sure I was born on a full moon. I am convinced that people go a little crazy around those times. The week or so leading up to the full moon feels literally like a rising tide of emotion…people get a bit jumpy, things seem more dramatic. I drink more caffeine, sleep less, talk faster and dream more. I’ve even been known to go shopping, to a movie or sit at the edge of the water at midnight on the evening of a full moon.

Since the full moon shining down on me this particular evening seemed to somehow make me a little more anxious and a little more reflective..I decided to do a little research (yes, I was geeky before geeky was cool) and see what I could come up with.  What I discovered was very interesting given the world events of the past year.  The moon is in my sign (Virgo) tonight and here’s what I uncovered…

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 10, 2009 clashes with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, prompting a battle between security and change. Throughout the week, this unsettling influence will reignite the stressful Saturn-Uranus opposition that took place in February 2009 and November 2008 (and will occur again in September).  

If you’ll remember, last February and November is when the U.S. financial markets tanked to new lows. And of course, February marked the launch of the gargantuan United States stimulus bill. Change was in the air (and still is), along with a widespread escalation of fear about the economy. Fortunately, Uranus, the planet of upheaval, and Saturn, the planet of materialism, have moved apart somewhat, but this month’s Full Moon will draw them together energetically to challenge our comfort zones again.

Full Moons are notorious for heightening emotionalism, and this one may be particularly rocky, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. So try not to overreact to whatever situations you find yourself in, and take some quiet time to get centered if you feel overwhelmed. Think before you speak or react to situations.

Most importantly, this is a wake-up call. Change (Uranus) opposing the status quo (Saturn) is a necessary step in freeing ourselves of restrictions and outmoded ways of doing things. You may want to ask yourself  how this cosmic “battle” mirrors your own fears about change, and then work through whatever feelings come up for you.

It’s all about freedom – and intent. Uranus in Pisces illuminates the spiritual principals of attracting what you focus on. It’s not about denying what you’re feeling, but if you can also visualize (vividly!) a better tomorrow for yourself, your community, your country and the world, it will come to pass, step by step…if you work to make it happen.

I found all of this to be very interesting, especially given the circumstances we all find surrounding us in society today.  Do I plan to change the way I live my life because of the information I discovered?  Of course not.  When the course of my life changes, it happens because I make informed decisions and at times simply have to operate and react on faith and intuition…so far that way of  living and reacting has served me well over the years.  It’s also true though, that it’s part of my general personality to always want to have all the information I can gather to make the best decisions I can.  I’m a “thinker” by nature.  I enjoy the exercise of stretching my brain and have been known to frequently tell my students that I want to learn something new each and every day of my life.  Knowledge is indeed power.

In a time where there is so much world uncertainty about the economy, our jobs, the direction of our country and our very future..I believe it’s a good thing to allow for the things we can’t see or touch or explain away with logic.  The planetary pull does affect our world, that is a scientific fact.  The tides rise and fall due to gravity.  The sighting of a probable comet as a star guiding the Three Wise Men was written to herald the birth of Jesus in the Bible.  Asteroids have been assumed to have caused havoc with our world’s development and climate when they crashed to earth over our history.  The night sky has long been a source of mystery and literally a provider of guidance to destinations as travelers and explorers from Magellan forward looked to the heavens to find their course. 

Given all of this..who am I to dismiss what might be?


~”There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. “

– Shakespeare (Hamlet)~